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but holocaust!

submitted by drhitler to whatever 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 01:04:15 ago (+57/-0)     (files.catbox.moe)


pogrom soon?

15 comments block

[ - ] NoRefunds 16 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 04:46:39 ago (+16/-0)

The definition of anti semitism is simply doing something kikes don't like.

[ - ] drhitler [op] 9 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 07:14:11 ago (+9/-0)

Its a trick, they always use it.

[ - ] ManwiththeNewspaper 4 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 09:57:21 ago (+4/-0)

Like being White and just wanting to stay alive.

[ - ] GreatSatan 16 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 02:48:53 ago (+16/-0)

You might think, why would he say something so fucking stupid? Because it still works on millions of people.

[ - ] KangzNSheeit 6 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 04:57:14 ago (+6/-0)

They don't need it to work on everyone, they need it to work on just enough.

[ - ] TheBigGuyFromQueens 6 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 05:53:34 ago (+6/-0)*


This reminds me of when I was working as a bouncer at a bar in 2002 and some scumbag came in and was stealing the uncollected tips off of the bar and when my partner caught him, he blurted out "Well, what about 9-11, though?"

Just last year around DEcember 29th, I caught an unauthorized woman from a neighboring business in the loading dock of a hotel I was at and I asked her why she was there (Protip: she was stealing) and after I called her out on her lie about being allowed there, she blurted out: "It's Christmas." This kind of misdirection is a go to for sociopaths.

I also saw one methhead woman try the locked front doors to the hotel on an overnight a few months ago and I asked her if she was checking in and she was like: "Yeah, nevermind that...can you tell me if the buildings next door are zoned for AirBnB?"

[ - ] Puller_of_Noses 5 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 08:37:15 ago (+5/-0)

"The holocaust? hahaha. That's old war propaganda that's been debunked for years."
If they ask how, tell them to get a calculator.

[ - ] KDs_Other_Burner 1 point 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 10:19:39 ago (+1/-0)

Had this discussion with my sister in law last year. She tried to act all offended on everyones behalf when I said I didn't believe that shit when it came up somehow.

Patiently explained to her how many BTUs it takes to cremate a body, and how many BTUs are actually in a barrel of oil. Then patiently explained the accepted German oil production figures at the commencement of the war. And how it worked out that Germany would have had to live in the dark for a year just to set aside enough oil for the cremations alone.

"I didn't know that."

No. Shit.

[ - ] Cantaloupe 1 point 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 10:45:53 ago (+1/-0)*

It's almost like they have said they lost six million every ten years since 70 AD.

It's religious mythology.

Their aleph-bet letters are also numbers. So numbers mean words. And they give those words religious significance.

It was warzone, people die in warzones.

[ - ] Puller_of_Noses 0 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 12:12:12 ago (+0/-0)

Soldiers and civilians die in war zones. 6 million jews protected from the war in safety camps do not.

[ - ] TheNoticing 3 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 06:19:52 ago (+3/-0)

Oy vey we can't have the goyim noticing things!!

[ - ] UncleDoug 1 point 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 11:28:20 ago (+1/-0)

The goose that laid the golden egg. Everything is holocaust denial when you haven't got an argument.

[ - ] ModernGuilt 1 point 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 08:41:06 ago (+1/-0)

Should have said:
You're right, muh hollocost. All the more reason to send journalists in so we can get evidence of isreal genociding Palestinians. There were no journalists in Germany so we had to make it all up, right?

[ - ] yesiknow 1 point 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 04:38:47 ago (+1/-0)

THose fucking beasts are always reversing every single everything. THey holocausted Gaza plain and simple. THe muslims can walk in and burn them in a few years. The US will too crippled to do shit about it.

[ - ] RedBarchetta 0 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 19:33:49 ago (+0/-0)

Holy Fuck. Israel has murdered 38000 people to their 1400 and they call this bullshit. Fuck You Kikes.