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Nigger fatigue rant     (Rants)
submitted by chump to Rants 1 day ago (+19/-0)
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Years ago I bought a house I couldn’t really afford in the white WASP enclave here. For 20 years, it was great. Hardly ever saw any groids. They were so infrequent, it was strikingly odd to see one. And they were the domesticated ones, that somehow managed to get their shit together and hold down a good job.
About 3-4 years ago, it changed. Started seeing them more. Now, every time; the store, the gas station, restaurant, I see at lest one. Often several every outing. Saw one on the golf course for the first time. And they’re nasty ghetto niggers.
They couldn’t afford to live here 5 years ago when houses were literally half the price, so how can they all be coming here now? Some serious fuckery going on.
Anyway, it’s really been depressing me lately.
Rant over.
Deleted my twitter     (Rants)
submitted by Niggly_Puff to Rants 10 hours ago (+5/-1)
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Suspended again for 7 days. Fuck that, I suspend myself permanently. So much for free speech Elon you fucking kike.
dealing with overly zealous employees, why are people such faggots now     (Rants)
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 6 days ago (+10/-0)
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I have the one coworker who simply does not shut the fuck up. Sometimes i want to just tell the guy to stop. He drones on for hours talking about mindless bullshit no one gives a crap about it. Log it, move on with your life. Stop dragging people into your bullshit problems. Every 10 minutes the guy needs advice on how to do stuff. Fucking do it, and stop asking me if it's ok. I dont fucking care how you fix it, but please for the love of God, fucking do it yourself first. If there's one thing i hate is people asking me how to do their own jobs. We didn't hire you so you can dump your job on someone else.

When I was starting you nutted up, did the work, and reviewed it later on WHEN IT WAS COMPLETED. And the senior employee would tell you to go fuck yourself until YOU figured it out. And if the work was shit, he would tell you, do it again, its shit. Now we have to cater to these fucking faggot morons because HR flips a lid if you tell these people to stop spam posting shit on your slack channel.

What happens when big daddy gov strangles innovation from an industry     (
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 2 days ago (+2/-1)
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The 747 and 777 from design to production: 4 years. Now, changing a fucking tire on the plane takes a month and the plane still crashes into the ground
Voat is a microcosm of America: "America doesn’t have to fall into a deep well of hatred just because the person next to you intends to vote for a different candidate? “We need more respect and more civil conversations".     (
submitted by paul_neri to Rants 1 week ago (+6/-2)
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God damn people are fucking stupid! Why is everyone so fucking retarded these days?     (Rants)
submitted by TheOriginal1Icemonkey to Rants 2 weeks ago (+32/-0)
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It’s Tuesday, not Monday, but seriously, everyone was Monday fucking stupid today. From driving into work, to the actual customers coming in, to the phone calls received, all of it. People can’t understand what you’re telling them. They park all retarded and can’t back out easily. People with literal mush mouth shit coming out of their cockholsters. The dumbest, most obvious stuff goes right over their heads, like talking to a retarded five year old. It’s not just women, some men too, but mostly women. And, it’s not just me. I overheard a few calls the wife was on and it was painful to listen to. She was annoyed as well, except she handles it better than I do. She shrugs it off, where I want to invite them in so I can bitch slap them at least, or kill them at most. Kidding. Not really though.

Pulling into work this morning, there was a customer parked where there is shade, but right in front of our delivery area. Trucks come in and out all day. I need to get that part painted out as a loading zone. Just as I parked, she got in her car and couldn’t figure out how to back up and get out, it took her three cuts, because, stupid boomer woman driver and all. Pissed me off, I hate seeing stupid. Literally I am bothered by witnessing stupid. It brings me down. Verifies I’m surrounded by fucking morons. Like just how are you 70 years old and don’t know how to back up? How the fuck did you get this far in life being so stupid? I’m not perfect, but you’ll never pin stupid on me.

Ugh, maybe tomorrow will be better.
Pastors and weapons grade copium: Zechariah 2:8     (Rants)
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 1 week ago (+1/-0)
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I looked it up because it is claimed kikes are the apple of God's eye. Nowhere in the quote does it mention current day jews, or anyone that can remotely be compared to modern day kikes. And yet ... most Christians will say something along the lines of jews being the chosen ones, being the apple of God's eyes, being special, having a covenant just for them. These same demented morons will claim universalism applies to everyone. So somehow God through Jesus made a covenant for ALL christians, but the covenants of the Torah are still in effect for jews? But then what's the point of supersessionism? God lied to the goy, to bless the jews? Then why did he curse the jews in Genesis? Plus, the goy are who enabled the creation of modern day israel, not the jews. The goy cursed themselves to a life of crime, miscegenation, murder, rape and outright theft of their own land by trying to "help" israel. But the modern day Christian is still deluded enough to think helping israel is the answer ...

And when you point this out, these people get downright hostile and angry at you like some kind of deluded freak. How the fuck is millions of goy dying to finalize talmudic prophecy have ANYTHING to do with Christianity?! Why does a Christian have to be nice to talmudic assholes who want you dead? Why do Christians have an incessant need to force impoverishment doctrine down my throat, as if the idea of having nice things makes me some kind of overly entitled asshole (i had made a post about giving jews what they want based off a conversation to this effect). Destroy your country, and let in millions of immigrants, forsake your land, because having boundaries and not wanting to get killed by niggers makes you a bad Christian. Now tithe you fucking piece of shit, because the OT is still relevant even though it's not, but fuck you for asking questions.
NYC and anti gun ads      (Rants)
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 1 week ago (+2/-0)
I was watching tv with some family and an anti gun add came up about a kid having access to a non locked, loaded firearm. This ad irked me in nyc of all places.

NYC has some of the most insane, restrictive gun laws in the entire us and I would say world. A kids sling shot can land you years in jail for example. And yet Bloomberg just can’t stop himself gaslighting New Yorkers that apparently everyone is running around with unlicensed, loaded guns next to kids.

Of course it’s all bullshit, and it’s meant to fear monger anti gun morons who don’t know any better

More symptoms from my friend, hard to tell what he has     (Rants)
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 2 weeks ago (+5/-0)
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So my friend had a bunch of issues and decided to stop taking his meds. He had also taken the vaccine but no boosters. Now though, he's starting to develop new symptoms. He started developing central sleep apnea, his body just stops breathing randomly throughout the night. It's hard to explain it but he apparently wakes up and his heart rate increases very rapidly, and he has to gasp for breath in the middle of the night. He also has mild disorientation when driving, where he forgets where he is and becomes confused. The nigga was like a quarter block from my house, and had to whip out the GPS because he couldn't remember where he was. He knew he was close, but couldn't remember the terrain of the local area. There's some visible issues where he forgets words, confuses different apps, and multiple times it almost seems like he's forgetting how to speak properly? Not sure if this is common with vaccinated indidividuals?
why do women suck at time management?     (Rants)
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 2 weeks ago (+2/-1)
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This one bitch was complaining about all the things she had to do in her house. Literally what she described was at best 30 minutes of work. Leisurely, it could be done in 45 minutes ... Women are just terrible at managing time, they constantly run late, mess everything up, dont listen and think they know better, than create disasters expecting someone else to fix them.
why is out of pocket insurance os expensive in the US?     (Rants)
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 3 weeks ago (+5/-0)
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Budesonide has been around for like what, 50+ years? And yet it's still hundreds of dollars in the US. Budesonide with insurance is 500$. Budesonide in any other country is like 25$.
Taking the kid away at childbirth is a jewish psyop to break the bond between mother and child     (Rants)
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 3 weeks ago (+48/-0)
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When you go to a hospital for child birth, they'll usually take the baby away for random bullshit reasons: vaccines, chopping off dick, etc. All this is psychological conditioning to break the bond between the mother and the child. It's easier to have a good, compliant little slave when you break the bond early. And people accept this horseshit as normal, and can't understand why everyone has these bonding problems, and psychological problems.
Why the chevron defense ruling is actually a bad thing     (Rants)
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 3 weeks ago (+5/-2)
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A lot of people are cheering the chevron defense as the end of the administrative state. 100% guarantee the defense was shot down so everything could be merged into a larger fed gov. If anything, the administrative deep state is going to get even more oppressive and tyrannical. Look at guns, when the feds realized they could just write new laws, they eradicated gun rights at the state level. The same shit will happen with the chevron defense. The defense also doesnt delete the supra judicial organizations, which is what's really needed.
Twitter is shit     (Rants)
submitted by Niggly_Puff to Rants 1 month ago (+15/-0)
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It's pay to play. You have to give them your personal information if you want to get any traction on the site. That's the real price you are paying for twitter blue. All the best comments are under probable spam, including mine I imagine. You think up a great comment and are early to a post "Surely this will get some traction.." Nope! 1 view and 1 like. At least you know the 1 person who saw it before it got censored enjoyed it. Meanwhile you see unrelated spam and "nudes in my profile" everywhere. Fuck Twitter. It's so obvious Elon is a fraud. It's like that meme with Steve Buscemi holding a skateboard trying to fit in. His ultimate goal with twitter is to be the "everything" app. The west's version of wechat. We must not be fooled by his false support of free speech. It's a ploy to gain power and control.
[ - ] @HonkyMcNiggerSpic 1 point ago (+1/-0) Do you know why she dumped you, Paul?     (Rants)
submitted by paul_neri to Rants 1 month ago (+4/-0)
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Essentially 'cos I was boring.

In those days (1975) the cool thing for a female to be was "wild". She was at Art School hanging out with bohemians and I was a dull Uni Student.

I once bought a new pair of shoes and they were almost identical to my old ones and she flew into a rage because I didn't get "different shoes".She said then or at some other time I was "limited". And I was. There was nothing exciting or interesting about me. But then my mates were the same. Just lower middle class/working class kids from the 'burbs.

She wanted to be popular and like any young woman was exploring the potential of her sexual power. She'd always be smothering people, men and women, with false friendship/affection and of course they'd respond warmly. She was an attractive girl but no head-turner.

Stupidly I'd wear my heart on my sleeve and get jealous when she flirted with blokes. She was an exhibitionist and in love with herself. And she had an ugly best girlfriend who didn't have a boyfriend and was resentful of us and took great delight in regaling me with my wife's past history of boyfriends because she knew it would upset me. Bitch! Lesson in life...don't let people know what hurts you.

Anyway...I took my wife to the other side of the country to get away from all the small town stuff and my horrid mother-in-law. Big mistake as my wife pined for her family. She met up with a feminist cabal and they were whispering in her ear about how wrong it was that she was working to support me at Uni.There was an older, sophisticated dude who hung out with them and she fell for him. Didn't last long and she fell for his best friend and they've been partners ever since.

In the end it was better for all concerned as I have much more in common with my current partner but boy Oh boy the disruption it caused to our lives. Much unhappiness and I lost two years out of my Uni degree. She missed the opportunity to pursue her chosen career.Quite tragic like so many failed relationships are.

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Rescuing an injured dog is hard! Respect to veterinary workers.     (Rants)
submitted by Portmanure to Rants 1 month ago (+10/-1)
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The dog has no idea what’s happening and is just in full survival mode. So unpredictable. When I was a teen, I was out with my dog, miles from home. She sliced her foot on a sharp object, glass, metal, I don’t know, but she was bleeding all over the place. I took off my shirt and wrapped it around her foot and carried her miles home. Only to have dad say, we’re not paying a vet hundreds of dollars to save a damn dog. I kept her foot wrapped and by some miracle she got better. Fuck you dad!
church service: pray for ukraine and fuck russia or north korea     (Rants)
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 1 month ago (+2/-1)
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My church was all about praying for ukraine. When it came to Russia or NK it was bad bad bad, pray for their eradication and teach them to not go after the little guy. Didn't realize churches had become so fucking hyper political. I even asked why we can't pray for Russia or NK and was met with blatant hostility.

Heck, most of these retards dont even realize the US is using Ukraine for a proxy war, as if ukraine just happens to know how to use american made missiles and weaponry. Which then begs the question, where is ukraine getting its weaponry from? Nope, cant ask these questions, gotta protect Ukraine, israel at all costs and fuck you for noticing.

These fucking morons would pray to protect satan if they were told, and at this day and age they pretty much are. And the one thing i despise is this poverty mindset that's been recently being pushed. Live poor, live with nothing, be happy with less. I could understand telling people to not fall pray to materialism, but the message portrayed is NOT that. These churches operate in lock step with each other, nothing more than mouthpieces for the feds.
the state of church women     (Rants)
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 1 month ago (+8/-2)
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I know, technically they still exist out there. But I've found over the years that a lot of trad wives, christ cuck women are some of the most entitled, two faced assholes in the world. I've met a few and they all fall under two categories: reformed whores capturing the normal people market after a decade of degeneracy. The other is complete fucking idiots who can only do what they're told and have to be told how to think. This wouldn't be an issue but when you mix zionism with vapidness and low IQ, the result is a disaster of suicidal ideals.

There was the one girl who took the Bible, and twisted the woman being led by the man to mean that the woman needs to be catered to by the man. She legit thought that being led meant the man has to pay for all the bills, do all the chores, take care of the kid, massage her every night, enable and validate her, etc. I can't even comprehend how they read this and managed to interpret the OPPOSITE of what the Bible says. In return you get a woman who can't cook, clean, do chores, pay bills, overly entitled, arrogant and has a massive chip on her shoulder.

When it comes to cheating, its only a matter of time before they do. See when you cheat you go to hell and bla bla bla. But when they do it, its your fault because their emotions are your fucking problem. And since most modern day churches blatantly endorse this horseshit, you end up with the shittiest humans known to the world, doing heinious things constantly brushing off the behavior under the rug. You haver to forgive and forget, i'ts not a big deal, always some excuse why when they treat you like disposable trash, it's not their fault. I went to a church who legit was espousing that a woman cheating on their husband was NOT a reason for divorce. Ironic since if the man does it, the church would happily rake him through the coals. But when a woman does it, its just a misunderstanding and the man has to forgive and forget.

The modern day woman just wants the benefits of courting with none of the responsibility. They want a marriage or relationship where they can do whatever they want, not be held accountable for anything they do, whilst still reaping the benefits of loyalty. I fully expect the gov is gonna start taxing single men to force them back into these relationships. Heck, in this day and age, expecting a man to have any standards is demonized, whilst women can pick and choose, and be as selective as possible. It sounds like bolshevik behavior to me, I demand whilst you submit. And if you don't submit, i kill you or send you to the gulag
I don't know how but i accidentally redpilled a bunch of liberal christ cucks     (Rants)
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The topic of Christianity came up, and then the topic of jews came up. Not surprisingly, kikes have done an amazing job of suppressing and lying about every single fascet of their religion. So the topic came up of judaism vs christianity, so i mentioned the pentateuch, the torah and the talmud. In a way, i inadvertently cemented i hate jews and then redpilled a bunch of family members on the subject. what's more surprising is that they were more receptive than i thought.
When did eating like a pig become common place?     (Rants)
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 1 month ago (+17/-0)
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Seriously, some of these people simply can't eat with their mouth CLOSED. It's like listening to a cow eat or something, its disgusting and it irritates me to no end. Like seriously, how hard is it to eat with your damn mouth closed, like a normal person. I looked it up and apparently the condition is called misophonia. I didn't realize being disgusted by someone eating like a fucking cow made ME the problem. Fucking jews
the jew plan when it comes to race     (Rants)
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 1 month ago (+22/-0)
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The nigger is a pawn, a futile animal being, an element of chaos. To be angry at the nigger, is to miss the semblance of the man behind the curtain.

The rat will make you believe assimilation with the nigger, the mongrel is key to survival. This is wrong. They want nothing of the sort. They want the nigger against the White man. Harnessing the rage of the White man to have goys die for more genocidal brother projects. The White woman will be extinct, a rarity in the midst of the world. The goal is not assimilation, it is eradication, it is the complete death and destruction of the one race that can push back against the nose.

Tolerance of sin is not a strength.
Atheist Christianity, i dont know what to call this shit     (Rants)
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 1 month ago (+5/-0)
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I was listening to Nick Fuentes and he made me think to the people around me claiming to be Christian. The thing is they sort of have this NIMBYistic attitude of fuck it, not my problem, rapture coming and i dont have to deal with this. But the question is, this sounds like a very defeatist nihilistic mindset to me. It's like these people positively dont give one iota of a fuck about their environment, neighborhood, family, or really much of anything. They'll happily throw it all away so they can keep their cushy government jobs, and highly warped ideals.

I remember at a party someone had mentioned if the cost of living in NYC is too high, why not move. I shit you not, half the people at the party said they would rather get raptured and die, than lift a finger to help themselves. Heaven is better, so wait to die and you'll be good, right? And this mentality is what has shittified NYC, its this fuck you not my problem outlook. Except of course when their ideals come back to bite them in the ass, then these same assholes will be screaming to be helped. They're all about this self defeatist nonsense, until they're lined up on the wall and shot. And the entire time they'll still be convinced its for the greater good.

You simply cant help some people
NYC churches feel like they cater to niggers and subhuman trash     (Rants)
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Im comparing the messages from my old church to these new churches in NYC, you would think im going to some kind of suicidal death cult. To date, this corrupt church has only talked about giving away my money to trash, pissing away my works on niggers, going out of my way to fuck over my own kind, being more loyal to traitors and jews than my own kind. White people give up billions upon trillions helping literally anyone but themselves, but here comes the church complaining that White people need to piss away even more money helping animals. The churches dont even give any kind of mention of this, since they love to erase races and pretend "people" should help, as if 99% of the help isn't solely from one race: White people. Fuckers, race traiting pieces of shit, all of them.
Modern day Christianity breeds weaponized apathy     (Rants)
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 1 month ago (+10/-1)
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Contrary to American beliefs, my ideals on racism came from african niggers many years ago. When i was talking to them they had mentioned they will always be subservient to the White man, and they are reliant on the works of the White to flourish. As far as they are concerned, they cant understand the modern day stupidity in Europe and the US. Then i came to the US, and just wtf?! When I talk about a modern Christian, I talk about this neo marxist horseshit that has flourished based off a religion of easiness and laziness. The modern day Christian has an apathy that is absurd. May as well line them up on a wall and shoot them since that seems to be what they want.

When you talk to one, they would rather trash the country and be killed off than do ANYTHING at all to protect their own. It's either off to the rapture, heaven is better than this, enslavement is required for us to be more Christian (even though they're enslaving themselves to their own stupidity), practically they don't even follow their own ideals since they constantly misrepresent the Bible every which way they can. They love preaching being anti gay ... until they have to talk to one than all of them are just nice people trying to get by.

Every time someone tries to fix something, these assholes are there fucking it all up again. Staten Island is at least trying (and massively failing) to curb the illegals coming in, so what do the churches do? Fucking feed the wildlife and give them shelter ... Fucking demon cunts.
I dont get it, why are the retards in NYC sad that they DONT have to pay congestion pricing?     (Rants)
submitted by SmallGuyFromBrooklyn to Rants 1 month ago (+5/-0)
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As if the retards couldn't get bad enough, NYC wanted to add a second congestion pricing on top of the tolls. So to get into one of the boroughs (I think Manhattan?), one would pay toll (15$) + Congestion pricing (35 - 50$ per entrance, throttled based on the time and volume). Never mind, the city is still broke as shit, and the money raked in would be a drop in the bucket of government spending.

Now the MTA is claiming that they have a state mandate to have a congestion pricing to fulfill their budget needs for the current filing period .... just wtf?! This doesnt even make sense since the congestion pricing was created this year, and is a very new legal requirement. So a legal mandate that was whipped out of someone's ass has been decreed as required because ... why exactly? Nobody can answer these basic questions of course, so it comes down to idiot retards telling other retards to do retard things whilst their retard city burns to the ground.

Why the fuck did i leave my old state .... biggest problem i had was rush hour being composed of some lost cows. And my family, whilst i want the best for them, will keep voting in this dumb shit, and they will keep wondering why the fuck their cost of living goes up. The one family member even mentioned i was too hate filled and that me noticing these problems means i have to cull my anger. So getting robbed is A-ok if you ignore the problem because fuck you for noticing. Dont talk about the problem, or notice the problem, just let yourself get fleeced and robbed.