"Hello, America. We need your young men and women to die in Iran so Israel can make more money." - Bibi     (i.4pcdn.org)
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Fags who incessantly post about other fags on this site glow brighter than anyone else     (AnonWhatever)
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Kill yourselves glow niggers
Skeletor     (files.catbox.moe)
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I am disgusted seeing our politicians grovel to a foriegn leader     (whatever)
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A vote for Trump is a vote for more of this bullshit. Fuck Elon too. All of them are traitors who deserve to be heckled everywhere they go. I am beyond tired of this.
United States of Israel     (files.catbox.moe)
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These worthless worms lie about everything. The residential school genocide, Whitey stealing their land, "we were here first narrative", and living as "one with the land" bullshit when in fact it's the total opposite.

These jew puppets just got 10billion dollars in reparation. In addition these flea infested rats have exclusive land and water rights ,unlimited bag limits on fish and game and they're given all of the prime timber areas...and the tax paying Whitey gets nothing but higher taxes.

The teepee rats are useless, good for fuck all, lazy scabs of skin. They're given priority hiring status on all new mine developments but never show up for work or they want to renegotiate the agreement for more money...BUT...they are so stupid that they then protest the mining projects based upon environmental concerns...you can't make this shit up, this is the "Ducks and the Hens" in real time.


And people think nigger's are bad???
Just passed through Sarasota and they "accidentally" charged me double for my lunch and then at the gas station he "accidentally" charged me double for a diet coke. Both brown people. This is the new thing i guess.      (whatever)
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Then he scanned the Coca-Cola and it came up with the right price. So where did he get the first price? Just punched in the white dude price?

The lady at lunch offered to give me empanadas because she couldn't reverse the charge. LOL no I waited until she came up with cash.
Noticing the differences in the current Joe Biden and the history of face masks a very well done video     (x.com)
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Nuclear programs can alleviate climate change concerns.     (i.4pcdn.org)
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC · 34m Just so we’re clear, Netanyahu has lost so many people that he is addressing just a fraction of Congress. When this happens, they fill the seats with non-members, like what they do at award ceremonies, in order to project the appearance of full attendance and su     (Jews)
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From x

"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Just so we’re clear, Netanyahu has lost so many people that he is addressing just a fraction of Congress.

When this happens, they fill the seats with non-members, like what they do at award ceremonies, in order to project the appearance of full attendance and support.
Andrew Solender
By my count, roughly 100 of the 212 House Democrats and 27 of 51 Senate Democrats (and Dem-caucusing independents) are in the chamber for Netanyahu's speech.

That's around half of each caucus absent. x.com/AndrewSolender…
Show more"

Another judge let's an illegal spic back on the streets and he murders an American      (x.com)
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Candace Owens summarizes BB netanyahu's speech in 30 seconds     (youtube.com)
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Women are the niggers of gender      (x.com)
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As Elon's handler, Ari Emanuel authored this tweet.     (i.4pcdn.org)
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Flint, Michigan giving all knocked up niggers $1,500 mid-pregnancy, then another $500/month for the first year of the niglet's life. Zero eligilibity restrictions     (archive.ph)
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Rx Kids, regarded by officials as a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country, provides moms with $1,500 mid-pregnancy for essentials like food, prenatal care, cribs or other needs. Then, after birth, families get $500 a month for the first year of the infant's life, for $7,500 in total. The no-strings attached program, which does not have income restrictions for eligibility, launched in January.

As if there weren't enough incentive for sheboons to squeeze out more shitskins, here comes another one. "Dayuuuum girl, I finna get dat nigga Tyrone to fukk me so I can git pregnin and be gittin dem checks an' sheeeit."

Kikes gotta keep sowing the niglets so they can keep firing the nigger cannons at everyone else.

Because nothing solves the "poverty problem" like encouraging poor niggers to have more kids who will grow up and cost taxpayers either to keep them in prison or pay for their medical bills and food stamps.
Jewish comic tries to push jew stuff under the guise of comedy and gets her hat handed to her     (x.com)
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Tranny carries Olympic Torch in Paris     (files.catbox.moe)
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Everyberg, Singlestein, Timowitz     (x.com)
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Community notes knows     (files.catbox.moe)
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This guy makes a short video about federal reserve, rothschilds, Hitler stopping usury and more. Good for normies.     (x.com)
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Irish tranny     (x.com)
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Think Ireland’s been getting too much good press on here recently thanks to our hatred of foreigners and love of matches, so here’s the other side. Why the fuck are things like this even out in public? Embarrassing, but at least it got the slaps I guess. Weimar problems are going to need Weimar solutions eventually, slaps in the pub aren’t going to fix this.
In A Hurry with No Parking     (Jokes)
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A man running late for his once in a lifetime dream job interview is frantically trying to find a parking spot in a packed lot...

Time is not on his side, and he starts to panic.

In his last ditch attempt, he turns to the skies, and begs: "God, please, help me out here. I'll do anything... I'll quit smoking. I'll stop drinking. I'll donate money to charity."

As soon as he finishes his plea, the skies open up, and the bright light shines on to an empty parking space.

The man holds up his hand, and goes: "Never mind, I found one".
Finally the UK government have created ads addressing the sexual assault problem!     (pomf2.lain.la)
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... errr, wait, not like that!

This is a collection of advertisements recently on the social issues erupting around the UK.

Source: https://old.bitchute.com/video/qT0xOsINR7yL/
The Tranny From Mr. Beast Really Left to Start It's Own YouTube Channel...     (Jokes)
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Called Mr Breast.
76% of your income tax goes to paying off interest on government debt     (dailyhodl.com)
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