Nigger tries to car jack US Marshals guarding Sotomayor     (www.wusa9.com)
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REAL MEN of GENIUS: Here's to you Mr. Machete & Knife carrying idiot on US Capitol grounds...     (www.wusa9.com)
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Illegal Aliens of no fixed address: Getting a little TOO close to home for the politicians taste...
Court denies 'time machine' remedy, but revives election lawsuit against McLean Bible megachurch     (www.wusa9.com)
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Great read.

Megachurch's long standing pastor (((Lon Solomon))) retires, gets replaced by leftist (((David Platt))) who kicks out traditional members who might not vote his way. Members sue and judge (((Frank Friedman))) is picked to sort it all out and does so poorly of course

How many American churches are under jewish and crypto-jewish control?

Church goes woke.
"Since taking over from Solomon in 2017, Platt has faced criticism from some members over what they view as his embrace of critical race theory and support for the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as allegations that he wanted to change the church's stance on abortion and homosexuality."

Not semitic enough yet? "“We were historically a conservative church, and David is left of center – he’s taken our church down paths we never anticipated," Mark Gottlieb, a former church elder, wrote in a July 2021..." (((Gotlieb)))? Hahaha!

WTF happened to Chrisianity? Oy Vey!