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First Photos of Rome

submitted by FacelessOne to Tartaria 11 monthsJul 31, 2023 20:34:04 ago (+14/-1)     (youtu.be)


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[ - ] observation1 1 point 11 monthsJul 31, 2023 23:09:35 ago (+1/-0)



The truly most amazing photo i've ever saw was that of the colosseum, it was taken from above but at a slight angle at a certain time of the day when the Sun cast light shadows, it becomes a realistic looking eye and i do mean realistic, thats its true hidden secret. I was searching Images for ancient monuments about 15 years ago, as i scrolled down i saw a picture of an eye amongst ancient monuments i thought it was odd having that picture, so i looked closer and it was the colosseum. Who really built it and why can its real purpose only be seen from above.

[ - ] Trope 1 point 11 monthsJul 31, 2023 22:56:18 ago (+1/-0)

We wuz Caesars n sheeit