The Look on Jill Biden’s Face During Joe’s Speech Says Everything – Maybe Because of the Apparent Bruise on Biden’s Jaw     (www.usasupreme.com)
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Jill Biden knows tonight was a humiliation ritual!
So, is the White House going to explain the big bruise on Biden’s lower jaw or pretend it doesn’t exist? I’m betting they pretend it doesn’t exist.
As much as I hate Joe I wouldn't kick the snot out of an old and senile person!
Hate speech only gets me to half-chub these days. "muh stochastic terrorism" is the new political viagra to cure the regime's every woe, polarizing the public further.      (whatever)
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I sure do hope they don't lose control of the situation, kek.
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....and all of substantial significance.

This is a great day for the fraternal order of VOATARY, one that exceeds all morbid insinuations and necrotic disorders.

And please, no need to bow in humility, it's on me.
As long as it's done legally!     (files.catbox.moe)
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@Tallest_skil is completely out of touch with reality.

He will never do anything ever.
Community notes knows     (files.catbox.moe)
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Buy ammo now, niggies     (whatever)
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I predict an executive order will make all civilian ammo sales illegal, very soon. Same with guns, soon after.
Common pills millions take every day linked to risk of heart attacks and strokes     (archive.is)
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This is probably true but it also helps explain all those pesky heart attacks happening everywhere.
19 yr old HS athlete dies suddenly     (www.msn.com)
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Here my simple rule; if it is given support in any of the media you see on tv or film, especially in works of fiction, it is a message you should disagree with. So may here fail this test, they will all support something with which the screens will agree, it's a sign that their minds are jewed.     (whatever)
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It's retarded     (files.catbox.moe)
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That retard has never even looked at war or the consequences of it. She is satan's right hand.
white patience runs out     (www.reddit.com)
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Sky Sports rugby league commentator Bill Arthur died peacefully while surrounded by his family on Wednesday aged 68 after 13-year battle with prostate cancer     (www.dailymail.co.uk)
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New Video: Biden Emerges From the White House to Reassure Everyone He’s Fit for Duty – But Did He Grow a Few Inches in Delaware?     (redstatenation.com)
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Side effects of COVID lol!

Jokes aside, this is just more DEMOCRAT DECEPTION. That is NOT BIDEN. WRONG HEIGHT. WRONG WALK. EVERYTHING is FAKE. They picked the DIM LIGHTING and kept Cameras at a certain DISTANCE AWAY.
Neil Gaiman Accused Of Sexual Misconduct At Clarion Writers Workshop And Being Banned From Another Workshop With Students Ages 19 And Under      (fandompulse.substack.com)
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Top Russian economist, Valentina Bondarenko, 82, dies after falling out of her apartment window in Moscow     (www.newsweek.com)
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St. James the Greater July 25th | Saint of the Day     (www.youtube.com)
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#St. James the Greater July 25th | Saint of the Day

Nothing is known of St. James the Greater's early life, though it has been established that he is the son of Zebedee and Salome and brother of John the disciple.

The title "the Greater" was added to St. James' name to help distinguish him from the Apostle James "the Less," who is believed to have been shorter than James "the Greater."

Saint James the Greater was one of Jesus' first disciples. James was fishing with his father and John the Apostle when Jesus came to the shores of the Sea of Galilee and called for the fisherman, who were unable to catch any fish that day, to dip their nets in the water once again.

Continue reading: https://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=59

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When does evidence become proof?     (SPACEisFAKEandGAY)
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You never thought of anyone else, You just saw your pain. And now I cry in the middle of the night For the same damn thing     (youtube.com)
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I think I figured out why globohomo always ask FE why we can't see China. It's because they were conditioned to believe that the ISS would appear the same size as a Boeing 747. Let's examine why we wouldn't be able to see China.     (SPACEisFAKEandGAY)
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Here's a picture of the entire city of Chicago from the Michigan shoreline.


Here's an abc57 article talking about the picture.


From the article:

A picture of the Chicago skyline taken almost 60 miles away, is actually a mirage. This is a form of Superior Mirage, superior in this meaning the mirage or image of the skyline is seen above where it's actually located.

The article has to claim this because from where the picture was taken, there should be over 2,000 feet of obstruction caused by the supposed curvature of the earth, but yet we see the entire city of Chicago which has its tallest building, the Willis Tower, standing at 1,729 feet tall.

Every single time I see an image that shows an object that should be hidden beneath a supposed physical horizon caused by the supposed curvature of the globular Earth, I'm told it's a "mirage" or that it's "refraction." So they claim that curvature still exists but the lack thereof is only an illusion. I'm going to address this fallacy and prove that mirages and refraction do not create such an illusion.

Let's start with mirages.

The claim in the article is that a "superior mirage" is what's causing the illusion. What's a mirage? It's a reflection. A reflection is the act of light reflecting back. Reflections cause inversion.

Here's an example of a "superior mirage."


Notice the inverted image of the ship above its true position. The ship is reflecting off the atmosphere above it.

Here's an example of an "inferior mirage."


Notice the inverted image of the ship below its true position. The ship is reflecting off the surface below it.

The differences between "superior" and "inferior" are simply the position of the mirage.

Is the article suggesting that the mirage is somehow a projected image above the object's true location and without inversion? Maybe they meant to say "Fata Morgana," a "complex" form of superior mirage visible in a narrow band right above the horizon.

So it's "complex." What makes it so complex? Basically, the only thing complex about it is that it's actually not a mirage at all but a misinterpretation of what is called a "false horizon."

Here's an example of a "false horizon."


Notice the image on the left. It appears to be a ship floating in mid-air. If we were to change the color temperature in the photo, like we see in the image on the right, we can see that it's actually not floating in mid-air but is floating on a section of water that is experiencing a mirage effect. It's caused by a change in the refractive index due to the high temperature near the water and the lower temperature above it. Remember, mirages are reflections. It is reflecting the sky above it, giving the illusion that it itself is part of the sky. So technically, it's just an "inferior mirage" of the sky. Notice where the mirage ends. It's creating a "false horizon." This type of inferior mirage can also be seen on solid surfaces.

Here's an example of an asphalt road experiencing the same type of inferior mirage.


The reality is, there is no such thing as a mirage that can be seen as a non-inverted image projecting above an object's true position. The only examples that exist are provably misinterpreted false horizons.

Now that we've established that the Chicago photo isn't caused by a "mirage," let us take a look at the possibility that refraction's causing the illusion.

Refraction's the process by which light shifts its path as it travels through a material, causing the light to bend. That's what refraction is, but most people misunderstand the effect of refraction.

Here's an example of refraction.


Notice you are viewing the pencil as it exists in two different mediums. From your position you see that above the water, the pencil is surrounded by air as you'd normally see it. As it enters The denser medium water, which acts as a lens that bends light, you see that it magnifies the pencil. A lens has limitations though. When an object is magnified within a lens, the entire image is expanded from the center of the lens outward, cutting off the edges that no longer fit in the lens. Since the pencil isn't directly in the center of the image being magnified, it expands outward, giving the illusion of a broken pencil. Also notice that you cannot see the eraser anymore because the bottom of the image is also cut off when it is magnified.

Here's another example that shows what a pencil would do in 3 different positions.


Notice the image on the far left. The pencil is positioned in the center of the glass. The lens magnifies the image from the center outward. Since the pencil is in the center, it remains in its horizontal position but magnifies, only cutting off the top and bottom slightly. Now notice the image on the far right. The pencil's placed close to the left edge of the lens. Since the lens is magnifying the image from the center of the lens outward, part of the pencil is cut off due to the limitation of the lens not being able to fit the entire image that's now being magnified.

Now that we understand what both reflection and refraction is, and the actual effects they create, let me give you an example of refraction occurring naturally in the atmosphere.


This is called the "Shrinking Mill" because of the refraction that occurs regularly in this area. Notice the object being refracted is magnified at a distance, then reduces in size as it's approached. This effect is no different than holding a magnifying glass out from your face and bringing it closer. You'll notice the closer the magnifying glass is to your face, objects will appear smaller, allowing more of the object to fit inside the lens.

Here's a video of an experiment anyone can do debunking the globohomo claim that the atmosphere isn't magnifying things.


Here are some practical experiments that can show you the results we see in our observable reality.


Here's an example of how refraction would actually prevent you from seeing objects at great distances.


Notice how objects at the bottom of the lens disappear as it magnifies. This is because our apparent horizon acts as the bottom of the lens as it's at the bottom of the medium creating the magnification effect.

This is how refraction works. It doesn't magically project an image of an object above its true position. Not only is it nonsense to say it's refraction that allows one to see an object beyond a supposed physical horizon caused by supposed curvature, it's asinine because refraction would actually do the opposite and hide an image you actually could see if it wasn't being magnified by refraction.

Being able to see the entire city of Chicago from the shoreline of Michigan is due to the atmospheric conditions creating a LACK OF REFRACTION and it's NOT producing a magnifying effect, allowing the bottom of the lens to be viewed as normal. Like taking the water that's causing refraction out of the glass, allowing you to see the pencil as it truly is.

If we were to view a picture of Chicago from the shoreline of Michigan on a different day with different atmospheric conditions, we will get different results. Like the following.


Conclusion: There is no curvature to the earth and any claim that a mirage or refraction can bend light in such a way as to project an image above an object's true position making a globe Earth appear flat is just false. It simply does not work that way and not a single bit of evidence exists that would suggest otherwise.
Andrew Torba makes official announcement that Trump's shooter had an account on Gab and was a Democrat     (news.gab.com)
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Why does @HonkyMcNiggerSpic Believe the YouTube search bar is a debunking machine? Is he aware that that is the same way to affirm the Holocaust?     (SPACEisFAKEandGAY)
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The price of our nation      (whatever)
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Turns out $200 million is what it cost to shit can democracy.

The new puppet. Same as the old puppet.

Kamala Harris says US must ‘reduce population’ to fight climate change in latest gaffe     (nypost.com)
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Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday called on the US to “reduce population” in an effort to combat climate change, but she meant to say “reduce pollution,” according to the White House.

The shocking gaffe happened as the 58-year-old vice president delivered remarks at Coppin State University in Baltimore, Md., on the need to build a “clean energy economy.”

lol these ppl
Elon Musk tells Jordan Peterson he is a ‘cultural Christian,’ Jesus’ teachings are ‘good and wise’ — Headlines — July 24, 2024     (WorldNews)
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#Elon Musk tells Jordan Peterson he is a ‘cultural Christian,’ Jesus’ teachings are ‘good and wise’ — Headlines — July 24, 2024

Elon Musk tells Jordan Peterson he is a ‘cultural Christian,’ Jesus’ teachings are ‘good and wise’

Elon Musk told Jordan Peterson that he is a ‘a big believer in the principles of Christianity,’ but added that he is not ‘particularly religious’ and described his beliefs as ‘the religion of curiosity.’ FULL STORY

Some Black NYC voters discuss their support for Trump

Madeline Brame said in November she'll vote for Trump, although there was a time in her life where voting for Trump would have been unthinkable. FULL STORY

Mrbeast, James Stephen Donaldson, Transgender Cohost "Ava" Chris Tyson Accused Of Grooming Underage Boy: What We Know So Far

Chris Tyson's done a lot of questionable things and Mrbeast is running defense. It looks bad for the YouTubers. FULL STORY

Vatican reacts to Trump being shot while 'excommunicated' Viganò warns of globalist forces

While the Vatican issued a statement on the matter, it failed to mention Trump by name, a fact that did not go unnoticed by U.S. Catholics. Meanwhile, the recently ‘excommunicated’ Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò minced no words in condemning the attack on Trump’s life, directly pointing to the former president’s ‘anti-globalist’ stance as the reason he was targeted. FULL STORY

Neil Gaiman Accused Of Sexual Misconduct At Clarion Writers Workshop And Being Banned From Another Workshop With Students Ages 19 And Under

The troubles for Neil Gaiman started when a British podcast called Tortoise did an expose on the writer, with more than three hours of detail about sexual abuse allegations from two women, one who was a fan of Neil Gaiman who met him at a signing and claims she was manipulated into degrading acts, and another who acted as a babysitter/nanny for him and Amanda Palmer. FULL STORY

Top Democrats let Biden debate to sabotage him, threatened 25th Amendment to force him out: report

According to the New York Post’s source close to the Biden family, Democrats knew Joe Biden’s first televised debate would be a disaster and let him go through with it to build pressure to drop out. When that failed, they reportedly threatened to invoke the 25th Amendment. FULL STORY

Disney’s Motion to Dismiss the Gina Carano Lawsuit Has Been...


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Trump Claims Harris Is ‘Totally Against the Jewish People’     (www.thedailybeast.com)
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