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Why jews are Trying to Kill Whites

submitted by allahead to whatever 2.7 yearsOct 30, 2021 18:31:30 ago (+21/-0)     (whatever)

The reason why jews want to kill Whites is the same reason the jews kill the "fellow travelers" who take part in their Communist revolutions. Anyone who willingly, or unwittingly helps the jews come to power, will expect to be the beneficiaries of their own labor, that is, they will want what they have worked for, and will expect a seat at the table of power. jews have overtly and covertly manipulated Western civilization for well over a hundred years. jews do not share power any longer than they must to get what they want.

In every jew led Communist takeover, it is the jews who end up in the critical roles. There is often a front man, like Joe Biden, to make their presence less obvious, but their omnipresence is nauseatingly obvious to the awakened.

The Chinese could also be a threat to them but the jews are not trying to genocide the Chinese, they are in fact "allowing" them to ethnically cleanse their own country and expand. The jews led Mao's Communist takeover of China in 1949 and have since pushed much of the world's most critical manufacturing there. jews have decided that the Chinese are more tolerable to their rule, and will therefore be tolerated. Taiwan is currently well within their grasp.

The jews have used Whites to take over the planet. From Egypt, to Rome, to the Dutch East India Trading Company, to British and French Colonialism, and to American Imperialism, jewish bankers have infiltrated and corrupted every White civilization and then run off with the spoils of our labor. The "job", however, is almost complete. Technology, largely invented by Whites, has allowed the jew to take over most of the World, and the jews do not want Whites to realize that everything they have worked to build is about to be taken.

For jews the Earth is a zero sum game, for them to win, everyone else must lose. Their end goal is advanced artificial intelligence and robots that will serve them and keep their few remaining human slaves in line. jews like Paul Singer work to actively move manufacturing and technology companies out of the United States to Israel and China. They are preparing for a day when the United States will be layed to waste.

jews are not White. jews hate Whites, their words and actions prove it. jews worship Satan by their own admission. jews have been planning to genocide Whites for decades and have openly stated the fact. There is no political solution, there never was.

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Germans killed jews (they say 6 million of them...) now jews, who are a very revengeful people, want to do the same with whites. That's what it's about.