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submitted by boekanier to whatever 2 yearsJun 23, 2022 00:55:28 ago (+2/-7)     (files.catbox.moe)


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[ - ] FreeinTX 3 points 2 yearsJun 23, 2022 06:55:52 ago (+3/-0)

This is deceptive bullshit.

ExxonMobil has a 5% profit margin which is the same as it was under Trump and Obama, right in line with every other oil company in the US, and far below most every other major industry in the country.

If oil companies are profiting by unreasonable amounts of money, why wouldn't a smaller oil company simply undercut the majors and grab market share?

The "oil Companies are greedy" bullshit is pure fucking faggotry.

[ - ] beece 0 points 2 yearsJun 23, 2022 08:10:01 ago (+0/-0)*

True freeintx. How bout we all blame putin instead? [/s]
BTW, same subject- https://summit.news/2022/06/22/pathetic-only-11-per-cent-believe-biden-narrative-that-putin-is-to-blame-for-record-gas-prices/

HEADLINE IS: "Only 11 Per Cent Believe Biden Narrative That Putin is to Blame For Record Gas Prices"

[ - ] FreeinTX 0 points 2 yearsJun 23, 2022 16:23:05 ago (+0/-0)*

How about blaming the people responsible instead of making shit up?

Biden's admin rescinded everything Trump did to deregulate the industry and then proceeded to take direct aim at domestic oil production, exactly as he promised he would during his campaign.

Therefore high prices.

Edit: sorry. Missed the /s