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Member for: 3.4 years

scp: 12223 (+13040/-817)
ccp: 8661 (+9916/-1255)
votes given: 4860 (+3285/-1575)
score: 20884


Owner of:
Controlavirus, Heresy, MADNIGGERS, Diversity, Based, QDROPS, Technocracy, tinder, Wiggers, NiggersDrivingCars,
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Submission statistics

This user has mostly submitted to the following subverses (showing top 5):

89 submissions to Controlavirus
64 submissions to whatever
62 submissions to NiggersDrivingCars
33 submissions to Niggers
32 submissions to Christcucks
Voting habits

Submissions: This user has upvoted 1353 and downvoted 846 submissions
Comments: This user has upvoted 1932 and downvoted 729 comments
Submission ratings

5 highest rated submissions
She asked the wrong guy78 points
TFW you marry a nigger76 points
Degenerate Vaxtard73 points
Why food delivery robots won't work. Spoiler: niggers.73 points
White.71 points
5 lowest rated submissions
Huh?-6 points
Slaaneshi Demons-5 points
This was done in the name of Jesus Christ!-4 points
Our Brother in Christ-4 points
(((American Christians)))-4 points