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God damn people are fucking stupid! Why is everyone so fucking retarded these days?

submitted by TheOriginal1Icemonkey to Rants 2 weeksJul 9, 2024 21:14:42 ago (+32/-0)     (Rants)

It’s Tuesday, not Monday, but seriously, everyone was Monday fucking stupid today. From driving into work, to the actual customers coming in, to the phone calls received, all of it. People can’t understand what you’re telling them. They park all retarded and can’t back out easily. People with literal mush mouth shit coming out of their cockholsters. The dumbest, most obvious stuff goes right over their heads, like talking to a retarded five year old. It’s not just women, some men too, but mostly women. And, it’s not just me. I overheard a few calls the wife was on and it was painful to listen to. She was annoyed as well, except she handles it better than I do. She shrugs it off, where I want to invite them in so I can bitch slap them at least, or kill them at most. Kidding. Not really though.

Pulling into work this morning, there was a customer parked where there is shade, but right in front of our delivery area. Trucks come in and out all day. I need to get that part painted out as a loading zone. Just as I parked, she got in her car and couldn’t figure out how to back up and get out, it took her three cuts, because, stupid boomer woman driver and all. Pissed me off, I hate seeing stupid. Literally I am bothered by witnessing stupid. It brings me down. Verifies I’m surrounded by fucking morons. Like just how are you 70 years old and don’t know how to back up? How the fuck did you get this far in life being so stupid? I’m not perfect, but you’ll never pin stupid on me.

Ugh, maybe tomorrow will be better.

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Yes. Others have noticed too and it just seems to be getting worse