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take away their right to vote, that'll teach them

/v/Women viewpost?postid=66a22c1f2fac9

who cares where that old fucker is

/v/news viewpost?postid=66a231403bdf8

his name is not Harry. He even don't know why they call him that

/v/princeharryhate viewpost?postid=66a240df3ee9f

yeah, Trumpstein needs the jews

/v/politics viewpost?postid=66a245fd3706d

alright, but who buys all that stuff? It's always the people. Who always vote for the wrong parties: here again: the people

/v/whatever viewpost?postid=66a20ab25ef38

our governments hate us, but they love immigrants, especially when they have a color (which they all have)

/v/WorldNews viewpost?postid=66a2142c02a69

I'm never banned or whatever from (a)social media, because I stay away there. Upgoat is the ONLY place where I have my saying

/v/Rants viewpost?postid=66a1dfa3504ee

Brussels, Belgium...infested with (sand)niggers. Stay away there

/v/WorldNews viewpost?postid=66a2142c02a69

Irish are always drunk, but that's OK, at least they don't look away when others bury their head in the sand (others= the rest of the europeans)

/v/whatever viewpost?postid=66a1951f11cce

yeah, let them do that at home in front of their mirror, if they want to be a freak. But no, they have pretensions and want everyone to 'admire' and accept them in public

/v/whatever viewpost?postid=66a1951f11cce

there are millions of americans who make no sense too. Why do you think that clown world 'exist'?

/v/whatever viewpost?postid=66a19a36491e2

do you think so? I wonder what God has in store for us. I'd like to know, but it's so occult

/v/whatever viewpost?postid=66a19b3ddc469

I bet that's an idea of that faggot macron

/v/whatever viewpost?postid=66a19b3ddc469

luckily they're sending their best...but I hope there are some dentists among them too

/v/whatever viewpost?postid=66a19edc0bd48

all that attention for those idiots, it goes over my head

/v/AskUpgoat viewpost?postid=66a1a766c01d3

the jews and their acolytes, their pall-bearers, don't forget them

/v/ClownWorld viewpost?postid=66a1a85b819dc

at the pace it goes, in a few years that will be 100%

/v/ClownWorld viewpost?postid=66a1a85b819dc

birthrates in europe aren't a problem. They (?) made it a problem, to push through their nwo plans.

/v/AskUpgoat viewpost?postid=66a1afd6e8835

yeah, you just won't do nothing, big mouth (lol)

/v/WhatCouldGoWrong viewpost?postid=66a1b7d34c9a0

what is that female 'cop' doing there except standing in the way? Man, they are so worthless. Imagine there were only women there to 'overpower' those stupid muslims...

/v/whatever viewpost?postid=66a1c5e920c2f

Will you get a philosopher as next president, dear americans? (lol)

/v/whatever viewpost?postid=66a1d1e1b1d26

so, it's not so much the jews, but their cousins in faith, the 'christians' who are behind that disaster

/v/BlackPilled viewpost?postid=66a1dba3c320f

Macron's showpiece, which was supposed to trumpet the glory of Paris. Now all the 'suspicious' cases have been chased away from that city, but those who remain (and those who will come back) will still make life difficult for the 'sports fans' coming from australia and the rest of the world. Keep an eye on it.

/v/Australia viewpost?postid=66a060bfd1baf

yeah, something like that, not Italy, Paul Neri would be upset

/v/Jews viewpost?postid=66a061d94a554