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I've never had any luck growing radishes, apparently one of the easiest of plants to grow, but...paydirt!

submitted by paul_neri to Gardening 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 00:33:08 ago (+19/-1)     (i.ibb.co)



And I can't figure out what I did right. I was trying to grow mostly the bulbous variety rather than the long radishes but they got leggy which suggests not enough light whereas the long radishes were in the sunniest spot in the garden (for mid winter). And an added bonus is I grew the long radishes in shallow seed trays which was an experiment as we have lots laying around and not put to any good use. It's wonderful to be rewarded by your garden.I was about to give up on radishes but then today spotted some beauties. Very exciting!

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[ - ] HonkyMcNiggerSpic 4 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 00:58:11 ago (+4/-0)

My garden is doing better this year than it has for the past three. I have mater plants 6+ feet tall loaded. I have more cucumbers than all the cam whores could bang themselves with on camera for a shekel. My romaine lettuce is kicking ass! Just had some fried squash today. Its so much better when ya grow it. Also had some grilled zucchini. I didn't grow any radishes, however. I also have pumpkins galore(separated from my garden for obvious reasons). This fall will be a treat. I have onions and taters galore. Spaghetti squash is looking incredible. My garden looks like a jungle.

[ - ] paul_neri [op] 1 point 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 01:22:04 ago (+1/-0)

Well done and lucky you. You won't believe this...I went and googled "mater plants" thinking they were some US plant:

'mater plant pics.

https://www.houzz.com › discussions › mater-plant-pics
29 Mar 2008 — i just went outside and took these. here are all 4 plants,they all have very small green tomatoes on them now. here is the "bushy" early ...[Library Service]

[ - ] HonkyMcNiggerSpic 2 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 01:24:18 ago (+2/-0)

kek Tomato. I also have English cucumbers and they are like 15 inches. I cut one up in slices along with a Mister Stripey tomato and put it on a sammich with mayo, salt & black pepper and GD its so good.

[ - ] paul_neri [op] 1 point 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 01:29:13 ago (+1/-0)

I'm growing lebanese cucumbers this year. Easier to manage (chop up/eat skin) and apparently tastier than the typical cucumber. Sweeter?

[ - ] purityspiral 3 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 00:54:04 ago (+3/-0)

I grew some hydro ones with LED lamps and perlite in 2 liter bottles in my closet.

They we huuuuge but more round than long and much darker in color.

[ - ] Kozel 2 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 01:01:47 ago (+2/-0)

dis nigga using a canon

[ - ] SteppingRazor 1 point 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 12:26:37 ago (+1/-0)

My pH was messed up on my soil, get a good way to test that. I use one of those moisture/sunlight/pH meters and it seems to work.
I bought a bunch of soil during Covid and it was messed up since the beginning. I get 3 gardens a year in my raised beds, mostly greens in the spring and fall but plenty of onions and garlic. Summer is mostly tomatoes cukes and peppers.
I learned this year that zucchini is not good for raised bed since it takes it all over.
I never stop learning, gardening is so relaxing as long as you don’t have pests.

[ - ] paul_neri [op] 0 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 19:46:55 ago (+0/-0)

I try to grow cucurbits, mainly button squash, but I have a "chauvinistic" garden - seemingly all male flowers!

[ - ] anrach 1 point 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 09:50:51 ago (+1/-0)

Nice. Blending radishes with cream cheese, spring onion, lemon juice and salt makes for a nice zingy sandwich/cracker spread.

[ - ] texasblood 1 point 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 07:30:18 ago (+1/-0)

Not all dirt is good dirt

[ - ] HelenHighwater 1 point 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 00:55:19 ago (+1/-0)

Shit, for a minute I thought you were growing pods.

iotbs reference.

[ - ] paul_neri [op] 1 point 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 00:58:17 ago (+1/-0)

IOTBS (Invasion of the Body Snatchers)

The Greenhouse scene: A feeling of
claustrophobia and entrapment is created by
the cage like structure of the greenhouse.
• The pods replicate birth, they explode open,
covered in a bubbling milky substance,
very few special effects were used in the
film, and this is one of the few instances. [Library Service]

[ - ] HelenHighwater 1 point 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 01:00:01 ago (+1/-0)

kinda fucked me up a little, no lie.

[ - ] Anus_Expander 0 points 2 weeksJul 10, 2024 15:38:41 ago (+0/-0)

Shove em all up your bunghole, then neck yourself