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There’s been talk of housing migrants in a disused factory in Coolock, a working class suburb in north Dublin, for the past few months. Residents have been camped outside the factory to stop access for about 3.5 months now, but in the dead of night on Monday morning the Garda (police) tried to forcefully clear the protest. This led to a riot that only lasted a day.

To stop a repeat, the Garda erected large concrete barriers so the protestors couldn’t get into the site. The factory is now on fire (obviously!) and thanks to the large concrete barriers the fire brigade can’t get in to put out! This could be the most Irish thing ever!

Rep Thomas Massive of Kentucky will not attend the Satanayahoo address to Congress to avoid being a prop. No one stands up like he does.     (x.com)
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Fucking intrusive auto correct and too late to edit.

Although he is massive in bravery and honestly.

He is the one who told the world every congressman has a AIPAC handler.
Just an update.     (whatever)
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Been sober 40 days now. Got court today for the DUI and should be sentenced. Had to enroll in an intensive outpatient program, it's really expensive and about ten hours a week. Feeling pretty good though, all things considered. Honestly, if I knew it was gonna be this easy to just not drink I would have done it a decade ago. That's it, guys. Check in with y'all about this soon.

Oh side note: AA seems like a philosophy of weakness. I really don't like it and the whole higher power thing is tough to constantly listen to.
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I love this and I don't care what anyone thinks.
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BlackRock (who also featured the assassin in a recent commercial) linked private equity firm Austin Private Wealth, shorted Trump's stock $DJT for 12,000,000 shares on July 12th, one day before the assassination attempt. Now that he's alive, they have issued the following statement.     (files.catbox.moe)
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Ground explodes at Yellowstone taking a boardwalk with it. People running for their lives.     (files.catbox.moe)
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Biscuit Basin. Area's closed, ground never did that there before. Areas in Yellowstone have lifted 6 inches the last few months and the ground is sliding. https://www.voat.xyz/viewpost?postid=66809005a4354
Some guy has made this video showing actual old newspapers claiming 6 million Jews long before Hitler's Germany. Please save this video.     (x.com)
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We demand separation of synagogue and state/     (whatever)
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in Japan     (pomf2.lain.la)
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It's just like Kamala to get promoted after someone pulls out     (whatever)
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The biggest threat to us right now is them making it impossible for ranchers to grow inexpensive beef cattle and meat.     (USPolitics)
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They will starve us.

The food will be right there in the grocery store but it will be too expensive to buy.

It's already happening.

How many of you have had to cut back on how much beef you eat because of prices?

Or gone to hamburger inside of steak?

The number one thing we need to fight politically is reversing all theseeat processing centralization and restrictions on cattle raising and ear tags and all the rest.

Call your congressman
Make it a high profile issue

Or you WILL be eating bugs in a few years because red meat will be too expensive.

And I'll tell you it only takes one or two months of eating really crappy food with no real meat and other things in your diet before your brain becomes mush and your body becomes a blob and you start getting depressed and having all kinds of other issues.
Here it comes! - U.S. ((( Intelligence Groups ))) are attempting to link failed Trump's assassination attempt with supposed Iranian plot... exactly like ((( Neoconservatives ))) lied to link Saddam to 9-11-2001 attacks to benefit Israel.     (x.com)
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When I say good morning but I remember I'm around my people.      (files.catbox.moe)
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The debate about who builds better cordless tools has finally been settled. HAHAHA     (files.catbox.moe)
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city (shitty) people     (pomf2.lain.la)
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I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone in real life, even here until my husband told me I need to talk to someone. I might burn this account after IDK.

My husband is an alcoholic, and he was before we married. By the time I was proper red pilled I was running out of eggs and the baby rabies was my priority so I married the man I was dating without too much thought.

I thought we could move out of party mode and into family mode. I did, with just an occasional relapse into weed and/or tobacco smoking.

He had some relatively dry periods but just drank more at home then out, but out drinking got worse. I didn't want to be the nagging wife saying 'don't go out with the boys' so I never objected.

Almost always he lost something while out. Left his phone or keys or wallet at a bar or in a cab or something like that.

Saturday night he went out after work to a friend's house. He came belligerently drunk, falling over and slurring speech (! Remember this for later). He smashed through the child gate into the kitchen, taking it off.

I came out after a few minutes of him thrashing around the house. He is upset his phone is missing. I call his phone a few times and eventually the uber driver picks up, says he will return it tomorrow. My husband says he needs it tonight, uber guy says okay but is on another job, says he will bring it back as soon as he can but doesn't know when.

I don't have any cash so I have to borrow $20 from the 6 year old's wallet to thank the driver for coming back.

Husband continues to be angry/sad belligerently drunk. Has lost his glasses. Did you call my phone? When is the uber guy coming back? Tell him to come back now. Did you call my phone.

I answer a question and he repeats it a minute later.

I try to log in on the computer to find my iPhone but he has no idea of his password and is shouting insults at my followed by his birth year as suggestions. Password recovery via email is bullshit with Apple and they say it will take days if I do that.

Computer remembers his bank details so I log on there and lock his cards (!).

Had to charge my phone so it was in the bedroom and I didn't hear the uber guy ring but it was only 5 minutes ago (now its like 1:30am), call him back he's outside only he's not so I have to go walking down the street in my pajamas looking for him. Find him get the phone, thank him, give him $20 and search for my husband's glasses in uber, they're not there. Uber driver comments on how drunk my husband was.

As I'm coming up on our house I see my husband in the street and the front door was left wide open with our kids inside. He is not grateful for me getting his phone back and is just as wild about his glasses now. Throws the expensive Mamaroo baby rocker across the room and breaks it. I go to the bedroom and he grabs but I shake him off and manage to bar the door closed. He had been screaming at me, woke the 4 month old baby and still screamed at me while I was holding him. He keeps trying to come in for a while and then leaves and comes back several times looking for his glasses. Around 3am it's quiet so I go to bed and try to sleep. Don't know if I did or not. Let also not forget the baby who used to sleep all through the night is having the 4 month sleep regression and bearly sleeps at all just breastfeed almost all the night.

Sunday morning while cleaning up I find his glasses. He is still belligerently and ungrateful, now saying I should have done everything possible to stop him leaving/drinking because he went out and spent a bunch of money at "a bar". I try to pour out his cask wine and its oh no that wines not the problem. When he eventually passes out I look at his phone banking to see how much he spent at 4am because he didn't seem to be gone long. There were a few $10-20 purchases and more users and also a $1100 transfer. When looking up the name at first nothing came up but eventually I traced it to a brothel. I pack some bags and the kids and as we're getting in the car he wakes up and begs me to stay. We are really poor and have been scraping money together for groceries and the kids swimming lessons and have been putting off things like the car service.
I even started a work from home job where I had to listen to the kids cry for me for 4 hours while I made telephone calls.

I didn't even know it was a brothel at that stage but suspected it was something dodgy because how can you spend $1100 in a couple of hours on drinks and what bar accepts bank transfer? He says he was buying drinks for everybody and was going to hang himself.

So he hated me and his children that much that he wanted to die. And he hated us more then that because instead of leaving us our last $1000 he spent it on strangers. Instead of having the decency of making it look like am accident so the kids didn't know how much he hated them he wanted to hang himself and make it obvious. Instead of drunk driving into a lake and giving us some insurance money he wanted it to be an obvious suicide so we wouldn't get any life insurance money.

Every action he did says he doesn't love me or the kids. Fine I got fat and the house isn't always clean and I'm shit cook. Hate me. But why hate our beautiful children so much?

Oh and so I find out it's a brothel and he's now saying it's a strip club and he got lap dances as well as buying everyone drinks.

And these fucking kikes at the bank who hold every new payment for car repairers or swim schools or whatever actual legitimate businesses for 48 hours to check I'm not being scammed I bet those absolute kikes put that money through to the brothel straight away and we will never see that again.

I took the kids to McDonald's for a few hours and then we went to my grandmothers empty farmhouse buteverything was covered in mouse poo so when he begged me to come home I did.

He's begging for forgiveness but I don't know what to do. I want to throw up. I feel so sick that he's admitted to lap dances and even more sick that he's probably lying as it was a fucking BROTHEL not a strip club.
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Can any GOATS confirm this? - Crowdstrike Security Software causing global computer network outages. - Each machine enters a permanent boot-loop after latest update is auto-installed. - Estimated that entire networks will go offline globally and takes weeks to recover.     (rumble.com)
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