Candace Owens summarizes BB netanyahu's speech in 30 seconds     (youtube.com)
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Simple medical fix for leftism     (twitter.com)
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Neil Gaiman Accused Of Sexual Misconduct At Clarion Writers Workshop And Being Banned From Another Workshop With Students Ages 19 And Under      (fandompulse.substack.com)
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Fags who incessantly post about other fags on this site glow brighter than anyone else     (AnonWhatever)
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Kill yourselves glow niggers
Damning list of who's behind the top immigration/refugee NGOs     (media.gab.com)
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Elon Musk tells Jordan Peterson he is a ‘cultural Christian,’ Jesus’ teachings are ‘good and wise’ — Headlines — July 24, 2024     (WorldNews)
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#Elon Musk tells Jordan Peterson he is a ‘cultural Christian,’ Jesus’ teachings are ‘good and wise’ — Headlines — July 24, 2024

Elon Musk tells Jordan Peterson he is a ‘cultural Christian,’ Jesus’ teachings are ‘good and wise’

Elon Musk told Jordan Peterson that he is a ‘a big believer in the principles of Christianity,’ but added that he is not ‘particularly religious’ and described his beliefs as ‘the religion of curiosity.’ FULL STORY

Some Black NYC voters discuss their support for Trump

Madeline Brame said in November she'll vote for Trump, although there was a time in her life where voting for Trump would have been unthinkable. FULL STORY

Mrbeast, James Stephen Donaldson, Transgender Cohost "Ava" Chris Tyson Accused Of Grooming Underage Boy: What We Know So Far

Chris Tyson's done a lot of questionable things and Mrbeast is running defense. It looks bad for the YouTubers. FULL STORY

Vatican reacts to Trump being shot while 'excommunicated' Viganò warns of globalist forces

While the Vatican issued a statement on the matter, it failed to mention Trump by name, a fact that did not go unnoticed by U.S. Catholics. Meanwhile, the recently ‘excommunicated’ Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò minced no words in condemning the attack on Trump’s life, directly pointing to the former president’s ‘anti-globalist’ stance as the reason he was targeted. FULL STORY

Neil Gaiman Accused Of Sexual Misconduct At Clarion Writers Workshop And Being Banned From Another Workshop With Students Ages 19 And Under

The troubles for Neil Gaiman started when a British podcast called Tortoise did an expose on the writer, with more than three hours of detail about sexual abuse allegations from two women, one who was a fan of Neil Gaiman who met him at a signing and claims she was manipulated into degrading acts, and another who acted as a babysitter/nanny for him and Amanda Palmer. FULL STORY

Top Democrats let Biden debate to sabotage him, threatened 25th Amendment to force him out: report

According to the New York Post’s source close to the Biden family, Democrats knew Joe Biden’s first televised debate would be a disaster and let him go through with it to build pressure to drop out. When that failed, they reportedly threatened to invoke the 25th Amendment. FULL STORY

Disney’s Motion to Dismiss the Gina Carano Lawsuit Has Been...


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Loren Merchan, the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan, and president of Authentic Campaigns, served as the Director of Digital Persuasion for Kamala Harris’s 2020 Presidential campaign, and the @BidenHQ is currently a client of Loren’’s Democrat political consulting firm.     (i.4pcdn.org)
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Crooks trained with DHS & DHS was responsible for Trump's security when he was shot     (youtu.be)
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Instead of SS, they had DHS

Mayorkass has a different border policy
Common pills millions take every day linked to risk of heart attacks and strokes     (archive.is)
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This is probably true but it also helps explain all those pesky heart attacks happening everywhere.
Prince Harry to receive huge inheritance on this 40th birthday      (www.instyle.com)
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Here my simple rule; if it is given support in any of the media you see on tv or film, especially in works of fiction, it is a message you should disagree with. So may here fail this test, they will all support something with which the screens will agree, it's a sign that their minds are jewed.     (whatever)
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Australian BMX star reveals he was robbed just days before he’s set to compete     (www.theaustralian.com.au)
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You never thought of anyone else, You just saw your pain. And now I cry in the middle of the night For the same damn thing     (youtube.com)
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3 Billion Users at risk in new Chrome Windows security loop hole.     (www.forbes.com)
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Another judge let's an illegal spic back on the streets and he murders an American      (x.com)
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The price of our nation      (whatever)
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Turns out $200 million is what it cost to shit can democracy.

The new puppet. Same as the old puppet.

Legal hunting     (x.com)
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Hate speech only gets me to half-chub these days. "muh stochastic terrorism" is the new political viagra to cure the regime's every woe, polarizing the public further.      (whatever)
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I sure do hope they don't lose control of the situation, kek.
Everybody Hates JD Vance     (dailyboulder.com)
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Proof that the Earth is flat. They got us, guys     (www.youtube.com)
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Without conscience or even the slightest expression of empathy the hideous parasite arrogantly boasts an exclusive claim to being (their) God's chosen people.

By virtue of an arrogant claim a callous and indifferent subhuman race deems itself righteous in every act of debauchery and sadistic debasement that it can plague humanity with.

The GULAG ARCHIPELAGO was a testament to the sadistic bestiary nature of the arrogant and sanctimonious ✡️. A species of perversity whose glutinous immorality is a genetic code. Evil is in (((their))) DNA.

The 3 commandments of the gulag;
Trust no one
Ask no one for anything
You shall not fear anything. Any inherent feelings that one had for one's fellow man were replaced with the primordial behavior of "survival of the fittest"...self preservation through dehumanizing cruelty.

The gulags were a theater of misery and despair, a sordid venue of macabre entertainment under the illusion of being an economic component that would propell the BOLSHEVIK COMMUNIST SOVIET ✡️s into the 20th century as a world class industrial force.

The gulags inspired dreams and hopes of death and nothing more. There was no economic viability in the torturous slave labor of this hellish jew system.

The jew subjected innocent Russians, and even Germans, to a nightmare unparalled in the day and not because it was necessary but because (((they))) had the absolute power to do so.

There is no place in humanity for the ✡️...LET THE SWINE DIE

I am disgusted seeing our politicians grovel to a foriegn leader     (whatever)
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A vote for Trump is a vote for more of this bullshit. Fuck Elon too. All of them are traitors who deserve to be heckled everywhere they go. I am beyond tired of this.
In A Hurry with No Parking     (Jokes)
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A man running late for his once in a lifetime dream job interview is frantically trying to find a parking spot in a packed lot...

Time is not on his side, and he starts to panic.

In his last ditch attempt, he turns to the skies, and begs: "God, please, help me out here. I'll do anything... I'll quit smoking. I'll stop drinking. I'll donate money to charity."

As soon as he finishes his plea, the skies open up, and the bright light shines on to an empty parking space.

The man holds up his hand, and goes: "Never mind, I found one".
76% of your income tax goes to paying off interest on government debt     (dailyhodl.com)
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Muslims     (x.com)
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